The Least Corrupt Governments in Institute of Cellulose

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

As a region, Institute of Cellulose is ranked 24,873rd in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

1.The United Republic of HavenburgheLiberal Democratic Socialists“Character is Destiny”
2.The (╯□)╯ of CerataDemocratic Socialists“Error code 418-I'm a teapot.”
3.The Duulnakh Confederacy of NyockNew York Times Democracy“The Spring Flows Unbroken”
4.The Federal Commonwealth at Arms of North American Imperial StateNew York Times Democracy“I vow to thee”
5.The Federal Agency of The US Postal ServiceLiberal Democratic Socialists“We Deliver For You.”
6.The Archive of Official DispatchesCapitalizt“Libri mei solum propositum in vita”
7.The 2020 WCC Challenger of BriteanniaDemocratic Socialists“The Javelin Is Mightier Than The Dictator”
8.The Republic of 2nd South African RepublicRight-wing Utopia“Nigerian South Africa!”
9.The Republic of JoeaniaNew York Times Democracy“Democracy For All”
10.The Incorporated States of UalarLeft-wing Utopia“The Conquest Continues”
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