The Most Pacifist in Institute of Cellulose

Nations ranked highly pursue diplomatic solutions rather than military ones in the international arena, have small or nonexistent militaries, and peace-loving citizens.

As a region, Institute of Cellulose is ranked 21,317th in the world for Most Pacifist.

1.The (╯□)╯ of CerataDemocratic Socialists“Error code 418-I'm a teapot.”
2.The Duulnakh Confederacy of NyockNew York Times Democracy“The Spring Flows Unbroken”
3.The Federal Agency of The US Postal ServiceLiberal Democratic Socialists“We Deliver For You.”
4.The 2020 WCC Challenger of BriteanniaDemocratic Socialists“The Javelin Is Mightier Than The Dictator”
5.The Kingdom of Baloo Kingdom Diplomat VIIMoralistic Democracy“Diplomacy at its finest”
6.The TGM alt of Rose WorldNew York Times Democracy“We stand for happiness and freedom”
7.The Holy Empire of AnztondriaPsychotic Dictatorship“Those who dont conqure will die”
8.The Great Filter of WoiwurrungDemocratic Socialists“A ddioddefws a orfu”
9.The Republic of RP InfoAuthoritarian Democracy“Peace and Justice”
10.The Grand Anglo State of Kingdom of EnglandsDemocratic Socialists“De iustitia et libertas Pikachu”
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