Glass Gallows World Census

The Largest Retail Industry in Glass Gallows

The World Census estimated levels of employee ennui to determine which nations have the largest retail industries.

As a region, Glass Gallows is ranked 235th in the world for Largest Retail Industry.

1.The Idiocracy of LamebrainiaCapitalist Paradise“Stupidity is virtue, NationStates”
2.The Lucky Gold Randomisation of AleatorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Toil at a soup to be a mast, NationStates”
3.The Republic of FantalandiaIron Fist Consumerists“Fanta is the best”
4.The Player By The Name of SherpDaWerpCivil Rights Lovefest“There's No Kill Like Overkill”
5.The Black Weenie of Black KnightCapitalist Paradise“BB”
6.The Overlord's Muse of The Master PrimotavMother Knows Best State“Light needs dark as dark needs light.”
7.The Prestigious Bohirín of Eternally Ambiguous BaracusIron Fist Consumerists“The Divils own, so she is”
8.The Dancing in the Depths of ManiacalCorporate Police State“For every Goliath... there is a stone-filled trebuchet”
9.The Colony of Obscure Issue FinderNew York Times Democracy“Searching for #1420, #1353 and #1380”
10.The Armed Republic of Zenith ArcadiaCorporate Police State“Serve and defend in the name of the Crocodile”