The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Frozen Circle

World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

As a region, Frozen Circle is ranked 16,225th in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

1.The Killigarch of Cat008Father Knows Best State“Rocks gravitate to gravity, cats gravitate to kitchens.”
2.The Killigarch of Cat007Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“If cats looked as frogs we’d realize how nasty they are”
3.The Killigarch of Cat005Moralistic Democracy“Humans think they're gods. Us cats, we know we are.”
4.The Killigarch of Cat006Moralistic Democracy“In a cat, sympathy is a major character flaw.”
5.The Cat of Cat009Father Knows Best State“People who like cats’re capable of anythin’”
6.The Fiefdom of BigRed88Psychotic Dictatorship“The centre cannot hold”
7.The Kingdom of BigRed84Democratic Socialists“The centre cannot hold”
8.The Oppressed Peoples of BigRed90Authoritarian Democracy“The centre cannot hold”
9.The Republic of BigRed86Moralistic Democracy“The centre cannot hold”
10.The Killigarch of Cat010Authoritarian Democracy“A cat in a box can be Alive, Dead, or Bloody Furious.”