First World Order World Census

The Nudest in First World Order

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, First World Order is ranked 9,041st in the world for Nudest.

1.The Colony of Fur East IndiesLiberal Democratic Socialists“UwU”
2.The Colony of Kepler 22 BCorrupt Dictatorship“Glory to the empire!”
3.The Global Unifier of Elijahs OrderFather Knows Best State“The First World Order to Unite Humanity.”
4.The Most Serene Republic of Serenil ValleyNew York Times Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
5.The Democratic Republic of UrissaneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Vigilance”
6.The Matriarchy of OzathiaDemocratic Socialists“I'm tough I'm ambitious and I know exactly what I want”
7.The Queendom of Maple CountryInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
8.The United Socialist States of PuerniaDemocratic Socialists“Mission Accomplished”
9.The Constitutional Monarchy of Grand Irish KingdomMoralistic Democracy“Might Makes Right”
10.The Matriarchy of The Shield MaidensMoralistic Democracy“For Valhalla!My Fellow Shield Maidens”
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