The Most Extensive Civil Rights in Europeia

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, Europeia is ranked 13,647th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

1.The Victorian Silurian World of Madame VastraAnarchy“Girls Having Fun”
2.The Ⓐnarchy of CatochristofersonCivil Rights Lovefest“Rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”
3.The Void of Precisely NothingAnarchy“Nihil valet ad pugnam! (Nothing is Worth Fighting For!)”
4.The Coolidge State of Calvin CoolidgeAnarchy“Keep Cool With Coolidge”
5.The Extant Territory of DeliberLeft-wing Utopia“Some utter nonsense.”
6.The Free Land of GoldexAnarchy“Gold!”
7.The Free Land of GolduAnarchy“The Most Wealthy And Free Nation In The World”
8.The Panda's Federal Republic of Europeia Dispatch OfficeAnarchy“Knowledge is Power”
9.The Republic of PoquaoiLeft-wing Utopia“Motto”
10.The Socialist Democracy of MilorumAnarchy“Praise Freedom!”
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