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The Largest Publishing Industry in Europe

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Europe is ranked 2,914th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

1.The Left-Leaning College State of Nova PrussiaLeft-Leaning College State“And Shepherds We Shall Be! For Thee My Lord, For Thee!”
2.The Democratic Republic of Sybaritic SocialistsNew York Times Democracy“pigs is yer style”
3.The République of Continental Social DemocratsCivil Rights Lovefest“Je me révolte donc nous sommes.”
4.The FPCM of Northern German FederationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To each their own.”
5.The Impossible Pantisocracy of NuwelandNew York Times Democracy“Die hele aarde is aan Nuweland onderworpe!”
6.The Military Nation of TryienneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Gloria I Tryienne!”
7.The Grand Duchy of DauershireNew York Times Democracy“Pax melior est quam iustissimum bellum.”
8.The Federation of The Fair RepublicCivil Rights Lovefest“Preservation Requires Vigilance”
9.The Senate and People of FrostiniaMother Knows Best State“Senatus Populusque Frostinianus”
10.The Community of LaocracyDemocratic Socialists“Labor omnia vincit”
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