The Most Politically Free in Eladen

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, Eladen is ranked 18,304th in the world for Most Politically Free.

1.The Confederacy of Undivulged PrinciplesLeft-wing Utopia“What goes around, comes around.”
2.The CUP Federal Syndicrats of RightWingConservativesFree-Market Paradise“Outta my way!”
3.The Harmonious Political Haven of TrueChristianityTyranny by Majority“Peace, Love, Harmony, Compassion”
4.The Irate Exploited Ambulant Mob of StraphangersCivil Rights Lovefest“97% On Time My Ass!”
5.The Bandit Kings of Pale Mountains of KleshAnarchy“I Tread on You Before You Tread on Me”
6.The Tang Clan of WuCorporate Bordello“Shaolin!”
7.The Republic of DerkburgNew York Times Democracy“To the new rightful beginning”
8.The Intergalactic Consortium of Corporate InvestorsAnarchy“ROI is King”
9.The Republic of Morally JustifiedAnarchy“Jedna si jedina”
10.The Forever Fields of Mr StrawberryLeft-Leaning College State“Let me take you down Cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields”