The Largest Governments in Cape of Good Hope

World Census agents lined up at public agencies around the world in order to study the extent of government in nations, taking into consideration economic output, social and cultural significance, and raw size.

As a region, Cape of Good Hope is ranked 2,148th in the world for Largest Governments.

1.The Red Tape Singularity of Yegla IslandsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Here we go again.”
2.The Democratic Republic of Bearded DragonesLeft-wing Utopia“Just because I'm not moving doesn't mean I'm dead!”
3.The Republic of SarvaylaLeft-wing Utopia“Liberty and Progress”
4.The Unified Socialist State of West WalpoleCorrupt Dictatorship“Many Souls, One Heart”
5.The Technocratic Union of 24221 ParadigmDemocratic Socialists“The ends justify the means, for nothing else does”
6.The Democratic Republic of Uldar UnionLeft-wing Utopia“Leave the violence in the past”
7.The Rei Khans Wife of North South North West KansasDemocratic Socialists“Toast”
8.The Republic of AzulakasLiberal Democratic Socialists“mokupuni o ka moana nui”
9.The Republic of MonsoneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Mradiszije et Kaijacka”
10.The Commonwealth of PanseloCapitalist Paradise“We Will Endure”
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