The Most Extensive Public Healthcare in Cape of Good Hope

World Census interns were infected with obscure diseases in order to test which nations had the most effective and well-funded public healthcare facilities.

As a region, Cape of Good Hope is ranked 1,712th in the world for Most Extensive Public Healthcare.

21.The Realm of United States of GondorCivil Rights Lovefest“One Realm to rule them all”
22.The Federation of Crus SarialandIron Fist Consumerists“We Will Endure”
23.The Undead Creamy Brown Colony of Caffeine AddictsCivil Rights Lovefest“Live addicted or rise again decaffeinated!”
24.The Democratic Republic of Things Are Going PoorlyScandinavian Liberal Paradise“We're on the up and up!”
25.The Social Republic of SergovoDemocratic Socialists“Every mind for every soul”
26.The Republic of SparanodaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Security, Advancement, Prosperity, and Freedom for All”
27.The Republic of Greater AnjulasLeft-wing Utopia“For God, Freedom and Country”
28.The Republic of MonsoneDemocratic Socialists“Vardgheijte et Gerde‚tikeÓd”
29.The Authoritarian Democracy of Free BolivingtonScandinavian Liberal Paradise“The rights of the people are undeniable!”
30.The Senatorial Badger Republic of OateriaLeft-wing Utopia“I don't want any damn vegetables!”
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