The Most Income Equality in Callista

World Census boffins calculated the difference in incomes between the richest and poorest citizens, where a score of 50 would mean that poor incomes are 50% of rich incomes.

As a region, Callista is ranked 10,226th in the world for Most Income Equality.

1.The Democratic States of YessssssssssssssssssTyranny by Majority“REMEMBER WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT FIROUZJA !!!”
2.The Unspeakable Horror of NovilliwitDemocratic Socialists“If you're not scheming, you're doing it wrong”
3.The Technocracy of PhilipsburgLiberal Democratic Socialists“Semper Pro Grediens”
4.The People's Republic of HumearthPsychotic Dictatorship“Eat, Sleep, Repeat”
5.The Give me the Zombie egg of The Dream of KirbyLeft-wing Utopia“Iím still trying to get that zombie egg.”
6.The Confederacy of Cherokee ConfederacyDemocratic Socialists“May Jesus bless our ancestral land”
7.The Office Chair Luxemburgist of ArisyanDemocratic Socialists“Rosa Luxemburg did nothing wrong”
8.The Swinging Jungle of Baloo KingdomDemocratic Socialists“Pull up a chair and have a Prickly Pear!”
9.The Republic of SERTUMDemocratic Socialists“SERTUM UNIENS MUNDI”
10.The Pale Shadow of BruxxaPsychotic Dictatorship“Festina Lente”
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