Britannia Prima World Census

The Most Extensive Public Healthcare in Britannia Prima

World Census interns were infected with obscure diseases in order to test which nations had the most effective and well-funded public healthcare facilities.

As a region, Britannia Prima is ranked 7,476th in the world for Most Extensive Public Healthcare.

1.The Memepublic of FredriaCivil Rights Lovefest“Never gonna give you up.”
2.The Empire of Mountain State of ChinaLeft-Leaning College State“Might Makes Right”
3.The Rogue Nation of The Notorious Mad JackDemocratic Socialists“I'm Part Of The Cabal”
4.The Community of Soviet Republic of The English UnionCorrupt Dictatorship“The hammer and sickle shall never fade”
5.The Empire of English-UnionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To Unify all Anglo nations”
6.The Republic of Gladys and the drowning fishLiberal Democratic Socialists“I remember the concert”
7.The Republic of Zl1Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Live free or die”
8.The Democratic Republic of HotspurniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To Dare is to Do”
9.The United Socialist States of Far BlamandswatDemocratic Socialists“Strength Through Compliance”
10.The Holy Empire of Zigion reichPsychotic Dictatorship“Nothing is important than the Emperor and Fatherland”