The Most Compassionate Citizens in Balder

Exhaustive World Census tests involving kittens revealed the following nations to be the most compassionate.

As a region, Balder is ranked 19,346th in the world for Most Compassionate Citizens.

1.The Forest Realm of WolfhawkDemocratic Socialists“To Dream the Impossible Dream”
2.The Federal Republic of Columbia UnitedScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Liberty, Equality, Diversity, and Justice!”
3.The United Departments of The English RegionsCivil Rights Lovefest“L'espoir nous lie, liberalisme nous unit”
4.The Imperial Protectorates of Altruistic PaladinsDemocratic Socialists“Only the honor of a Paladin is unbreakable”
5.The United Ecosocialist Communes of DemotekScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Strength by will and rule by compassion”
6.The Federation of AelyriaLeft-Leaning College State“Through wisdom, unity, and honor, we create peace.”
7.The Armed Republic of A baddonDemocratic Socialists“Freedom in solitude”
8.The Largely Ungoverned Territory of OneiroLiberal Democratic Socialists“Posession is imprisonment.”
9.The Principality of JolteoniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“言えるかな?”
10.The Holy Empire of Devoted SnailsPsychotic Dictatorship“Everybody's mortal but me”
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