The Most Rebellious Youth in Balder

World Census observers counted the number of times their car stereo was stolen from outside fast food stores to determine which nations have relatively high levels of youth-related crime.

As a region, Balder is ranked 20,012th in the world for Most Rebellious Youth.

1.The Largely Ungoverned Territory of OneiroLiberal Democratic Socialists“Posession is imprisonment.”
2.The Banner Hunting Big Thonkers of GolgothastanIron Fist Consumerists“home of the rly big thonk”
3.The Rogue Nation of Warpfire 9Civil Rights Lovefest“Bleeding Hearts Are Best”
4.The United Departments of The English RegionsCivil Rights Lovefest“L'espoir nous lie, liberalisme nous unit”
5.The Empire of MaulmNew York Times Democracy“Citius, Altius, Fortius”
6.The Federal Republic of AeristogoLeft-wing Utopia“Change is Essential to Life”
7.The Republic of Fallen ApplesLiberal Democratic Socialists“Never try and you will never fail.”
8.The Fallen Empire of New JustusiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Roooaar! ... Hehehe, were you shocked?”
9.The Republic of FedRabbistanLeft-wing Utopia“Unitatis in Varietatem”
10.The Forest Realm of WolfhawkDemocratic Socialists“To Dream the Impossible Dream”
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