The Largest Governments in Autropolis

World Census agents lined up at public agencies around the world in order to study the extent of government in nations, taking into consideration economic output, social and cultural significance, and raw size.

As a region, Autropolis is ranked 869th in the world for Largest Governments.

11.The Intergalactic Alliance of Betelgeuse AllianceAnarchy“Peace, Liberty, Advancement”
12.The Single Mind of DakrovCorporate Police State“To obey me is all you desire.”
13.The Celestial Republic of SolariiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
14.The Commonwealth of EllenburgInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cleaning up what other's won't!”
15.The Kingdom of CheeseeeLiberal Democratic Socialists“Pax Per Virtute”
16.The Confederacy of ParcoCivil Rights Lovefest“Optional yesterday, illegal today, mandatory tomorrow.”
17.The Republic of SpeenNew York Times Democracy“So I've got this itch...”
18.The Commonwealth of TolstoygradLiberal Democratic Socialists“Brotherhood and Unity”
19.The United Communes of South LaudesiaMoralistic Democracy“All of Laudesia, for all of the people”
20.The Aristocracy of FuturusCorporate Bordello“Where corporations act as political parties.”