The Lowest Crime Rates in 10000 Islands

World Census agents attempted to lure citizens into committing various crimes in order to test the reluctance of citizens to break the law.

As a region, 10000 Islands is ranked 3,338th in the world for Lowest Crime Rates.

31.The People's Magocracy of AsardiaDemocratic Socialists“Keep moving forward. Even in death. Even after death”
32.The Republic of Better IndonesiaDemocratic Socialists“Unity in Diversity”
33.The Galactic Empire of KohnheadFather Knows Best State“We will rock you”
34.The Free Union of ZeklandiaDemocratic Socialists“Equality, Justice, Perseverance.”
35.The Eye of KrystalveilLeft-wing Utopia“Live!”
36.The Ancient Empire of OceanusLiberal Democratic Socialists“Vitam manus Oceanus astris scientia”
37.The Democratic Commonwealth of Ered anorNew York Times Democracy“Libertas Populi Progrediendum Magnitudo”
38.The People's Republic of Union of Socialist Irish RepublicsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Rule of the people”
39.The Free Land of KebecoisDemocratic Socialists“I know better”
40.The Peaceful Republic of AnollasiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Through peace we are strong!”
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