The Largest Black Market in Command and Conquer Universe

World Census agents tracked "off the books" deals and handshake agreements in order to study the size of nations' informal economies.

As a region, Command and Conquer Universe is ranked 72nd in the world for Largest Black Market.

WorldStandard Monetary Units
1.The Imperatoria of New Owningland35th28,147,741,600,000,000
2.The Golden Dar'i'karan Empire of Lord-General Drache1,458th3,053,042,600,000,000
3.The Scavengers of -United Brotherhood-10,072nd148,134,500,000,000
4.The Terrorist Organization of The Black Hand of Nod69,125th1,718,000,000,000
5.The 美尻 of The Emperor Fenix78,140th1,232,500,000,000
6.The Allied States of The Lone Alliance83,485th1,031,500,000,000