The Highest Economic Output in Autropolis

World Census bean-counters crunched the numbers to calculate national Gross Domestic Product. Older nations, with higher populations, were noted to have a distinct advantage.

As a region, Autropolis is ranked 368th in the world for Highest Economic Output.

WorldStandard Monetary Units
1.The Aristocracy of Futurus431st11,975,622,000,000,000
2.The Beacon Spire of Endolantron445th11,829,804,000,000,000
3.The Pirates' Guild of Navigator475th11,411,016,000,000,000
4.The Single Mind of Dakrov641st9,944,770,000,000,000
5.The Academy of Anon Zytose683rd9,617,226,000,000,000
6.The Most Serene United Kingdom of Bordoria780th9,119,412,000,000,000
7.The Preservatory of Shugeria958th8,318,398,000,000,000
8.The Playgrounds of Kazete1,010th8,126,461,000,000,000
9.The Aaydofan of Zenar1,405th6,992,788,000,000,000
10.The Spectacle of Goazedth2,239th5,450,223,000,000,000