The Most Avoided in Autropolis

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, Autropolis is ranked 966th in the world for Most Avoided.

WorldKardashian Reflex Score
1.The Playgrounds of Kazete416th914.12
2.The Aristocracy of Futurus926th635.11
3.The Pirates' Guild of Navigator1,010th609.3
4.The Single Mind of Dakrov1,927th416.12
5.The Holy Empire of Haret2,166th386.33
6.The Confederacy of Parco4,277th237.3
7.The Federation of Echoslavia39,579th86.98
8.The Alcazar of Kalique Abrasax43,284th75.5
9.The United Communes of South Laudesia45,113th69.73
10.The Republic of Speen47,918th60.37