The Most Advanced Law Enforcement in Autropolis

World Census interns were framed for minor crimes in order to measure the response times, effectiveness, and amount of firepower deployed by the law enforcement agencies of different nations.

As a region, Autropolis is ranked 2,216th in the world for Most Advanced Law Enforcement.

WorldOrwell Orderliness Index
1.The Federal Arsenal of Izhmash1,624th15,739.41
2.The Spectacle of Goazedth1,635th15,695.46
3.The Single Mind of Dakrov1,775th15,270.73
4.The Aaydofan of Zenar2,558th13,247.3
5.The Holy Empire of Haret2,789th12,814.53
6.The Commonwealth of Ellenburg7,369th8,761.89
7.The Republic of Speen9,693rd7,836.1
8.The Kingdom of Cheeseee23,227th5,052.32
9.The United Communes of South Laudesia29,160th4,380.18
10.The Commonwealth of Tolstoygrad32,635th4,059.12