The World World Census

The Highest Foreign Aid Spending in the World

The World Census intercepted food drops in several war-torn regions to determine which nations spent the most on international aid.

227,701.The Holy Empire of The CrowseyeCorporate Police State“I am the storm, my Lord. The first storm, and the last”
227,702.The Borderlands of AStateOfNatureAnarchy“FREEDOM!”
227,703.The Holy Empire of ExcalbiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“En Brivi Folks, Av Dieva Zelastibu”
227,704.The Blood-Soaked Killing Fields of RestavariaCompulsory Consumerist State“A Festavarious for the Restavarious”
227,705.The Eternal Dread Empire of LederlandCorrupt Dictatorship“Volo. Accipere. Habet.”
227,706.The Fool on the Hill of Neo NibuLeft-wing Utopia“♪♪But I am of the Universe♪♪”
227,707.The Commonwealth of AllwartsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Why”
227,708.The Federated Military Republic of El FacilInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Turn the other cheek, but keep that sidearm handy.”
227,709.The United States of CadonicaCivil Rights Lovefest“Push it to the limit.”
227,710.The Boredom of Bread and BustNew York Times Democracy“All offered up sacrifices to the minion of fortune”
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