The World World Census

The Most Scientifically Advanced in the World

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

31.The Indomitable Borderlands of The GrendelsCompulsory Consumerist State“The Paragon of Corporate Power and Style since 2002.”
32.The Федеративная Республика of DagniaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Богове, Честь, Ойчызна”
33.The Dutch Democratic Republic of KnootossCivil Rights Lovefest“Libertate Unanimus”
34.The Emergency Military Rule of The Campbell NationCorrupt Dictatorship“Ne Obliviscaris”
35.The Temporal Paradox of AikionCivil Rights Lovefest“Time changes, Time stagnates ”
36.The Republic of MegaTokyo-3Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“This is a theme to a fake revolution!”
37.The Eternal Empire of CquuzalDemocratic Socialists“Sometimes, evolution requires a push... or a sacrifice.”
38.The Alien Nation of Soviet Federative SocialistsCivil Rights Lovefest“Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, arise!”
39.The Cascadian State of Chukstik IllahiLeft-Leaning College State“Nesaika illahi”
40.The Citizenship of ZeptherInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Protection, Production, Persona”
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