The World World Census

The Most Developed in the World

The World Census compiles a "Human Development Index" by measuring citizens' average life expectancy, education, and income.

31.The Armed Republic of RousannasDemocratic Socialists“Groovus!”
32.The Desert People of MirahgeDemocratic Socialists“It's not enough that I succeed; Others should fail”
33.The Emoticons of Smiley BobCivil Rights Lovefest“NationStates Moo”
34.The Pristine Protectorate of SeranisNew York Times Democracy“Perseverance in preservation”
35.The Grand Holy Imperial Empire of General MikePsychotic Dictatorship“Even the end of the world will be dull and a let down.”
36.The Dracocracy of TheorinInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We have no beginning. We have no end. We are infinite.”
37.The People's Republic of GoodnamesarerareDemocratic Socialists“Bush sucks!”
38.The Federation of ZaveaDemocratic Socialists“Quo Nemo Sequi Potest”
39.The Armed Republic of A baddonInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom in solitude”
40.The Dominion of Disco EmpireLeft-wing Utopia“You should be dancing!”
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