The World World Census

The Highest Drug Use in the World

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

21.The Free Territory of Christian AnarchistsLeft-Leaning College State“Our rule is the works of mercy”
22.The Impending Doom of Zombie PenguinsAnarchy“The car won't start!”
23.The Yuletide Zealots of The Dunwich DominionLeft-Leaning College State“Síoraí Sruthán ! ! !”
24.The Dead Meme of The Harambe GorillasAnarchy“Running a country isn't monkey business.”
25.The Gull Flag Republic of IansisleLeft-Leaning College State“Not That We Care”
26.The Failed States of Ervarëa not of ErVaReAn rEpUbLiCAnarchy“Adenroth Erodian veladris, Re’riendel novildrian!”
27.The Incorporated States of SehlysdreAnarchy“Fiat iustitia et pereat mundus”
28.The Republic of GatchatopiaCompulsory Consumerist State“Motto”
29.The Republic of Magic ShroomsCivil Rights Lovefest“Motto”
30.The Holy Green Hotspots of Kabayong MalibogAnarchy“Playtime should be all the time.”
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