The World World Census

The Highest Drug Use in the World

World Census experts sampled many cakes of dubious content to determine which nations' citizens consume the most recreational drugs.

11.The Murabian Protectorate of UnthankCapitalizt“Beware!”
12.The Webcomic RolePlaying Game of Darths and DroidsDemocratic Socialists“Jar Jar, you're a genius!”
13.The Grand Figment of FractalnavelAnarchy“There is no god, there are only gears.”
14.The Wastelands of NothreenCorporate Bordello“My way or the highway”
15.The Hippy State of ZerophixScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Stick It To The Man, Maaan!”
16.The Eternal Misfortune of AqualagoonPsychotic Dictatorship“Stop Reading My Motto!”
17.The Stardew Valley Rainbow of TrashsylvaniaCapitalizt“You can't have a rainbow without a little rain :-)”
18.The Republic of Morgul ValleyCompulsory Consumerist State“Motto”
19.The Emoticons of Smiley BobLeft-wing Utopia“Where's my wallet?”
20.The Free State of VosiycrsAnarchy“There Can Never Be Enough”
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