The World World Census

The Highest Unexpected Death Rate in the World

The World Census paid their respects at cemeteries in order to determine how likely citizens were to die each year from unnatural causes, such as crime, preventable illness, accident, and government encouragement.

231,051.The Queendom of AnohDemocratic Socialists“Time is never ending.”
231,052.The Empire of Nationalist KiwisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Who doesn't love a CCTV bush?”
231,053.The Republic of KelsythCivil Rights Lovefest“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
231,054.The Kingdom of LibaaxLiberal Democratic Socialists“A Better Tomorrow”
231,055.The Diktatorisches Königreich of Vlamms StattIron Fist Consumerists“Arbeit, Stabilität, Freiheit”
231,056.The Free Federation of GoldsaverCivil Rights Lovefest“None Shall be Held in Chains”
231,057.The Republic of BoridiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“He who dares, wins.”
231,058.The Republic of KopczynskiNew York Times Democracy“In myself, I trust”
231,059.The United People's Nation of ElcanaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Operarii Autem Elcana Libera Vincula Vestra!”
231,060.The Socialist Federal Republic of AlbarusijaIron Fist Consumerists“Fratellanza e Unitā”
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