The World World Census

The Most Armed in the World

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of deadly weapons per citizen.

259,841.The Federal Republic of Disco ElysiumScandinavian Liberal Paradise“People are beautiful. Statuesque.”
259,842.The Holy Lucky Kingdom of Killer WhalesLeft-wing Utopia“Orca ary lucky”
259,843.The Democratic Republic of MakaopolisLiberal Democratic Socialists“The Maka thing is the Main Thing”
259,844.The Empire of HamiMouradCorrupt Dictatorship“Join the state with open arms, or be exiled..”
259,845.The Democratic Republic of El GuajuilaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Endorse Me and I Endorse You”
259,846.The Empire of Sahi BengalPsychotic Dictatorship“The Empire Shall Rise Again....”
259,847.The United Democracy of REGINA LA VICTORIAInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Endeavor! Fervor! Achieve!”
259,848.The Reformed Soviet Federation of AskoviDemocratic Socialists“Je Skôls ve Kœ”
259,849.The United Socialist States of Liberated PolinesiaCorrupt Dictatorship“Sosialisme Cita Negara!”
259,850.The Commonwealth of FindelwoodLiberal Democratic Socialists“Striving for a Utopia”
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