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The Greatest Rich-Poor Divides in the World

Nations ranked highly have large gaps between the incomes of rich and poor citizens. Nations low on the list have high levels of income equality.

154,171.The Democratic Republic of KaerusDemocratic Socialists“Inconcussam virtutis protector”
154,172.The Armed Republic of CR57Iron Fist Consumerists“I don't even play this game anymore”
154,173.The Republic of Card Farmer 1690Moralistic Democracy“Card Farming”
154,174.The Matriarchy of Vir304Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“42”
154,175.The Republic of Card Farmer 1760Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Card Farming”
154,176.The Dictatorship of The United Federation of VanhulleInoffensive Centrist Democracy“United we stand strong”
154,177.The Incorporated States of LSP Puppet 22Moralistic Democracy“Give them hell”
154,178.The Republic of Gio Farm 129Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Card Farming”
154,179.The Armed Republic of CR85Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“I don't even play this game anymore”
154,180.The Republic of The United Provinces of WisewoodsCivil Rights Lovefest“This country does not exist”
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