The World World Census

The Most Advanced Defense Forces in the World

Nations ranked highly spend the most on national defense, and are most secure against foreign aggression.

206,951.The Colony of Le Pays de la DoucheCorrupt Dictatorship“Motto...”
206,952.The People's Republic of GenZersLeft-wing Utopia“Imma go kms”
206,953.The Queendom of XeraphinaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Smell the rain, feel serene.”
206,954.The Republic of Jiqazi ChuukCivil Rights Lovefest“Forever Remembered”
206,955.The Global Organization of United Nations UNNew York Times Democracy“United We Stand”
206,956.The Republic of Pot BrownieCorrupt Dictatorship“Tastes So Good You'll Get High”
206,957.The Allied States of VPR 193Psychotic Dictatorship“Card Farming”
206,958.The Queendom of AdrianaAnarchy“From One, Many”
206,959.The Republic of Maymunird NamCorrupt Dictatorship“Peace and Justice”
206,960.The Libertarian Commonwealth of Laissez-faire Federated StatesCapitalizt“Get the hell off my bloody lawn™”
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