The World World Census

The Most Extreme in the World

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

169,211.The Incorporated States of Vetus ConvictorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I'm disappointed at this character limit. Really, Natio”
169,212.The Colony of Riemstagrad Kaarten Depot 11Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Capaciteit: 100 kaarten”
169,213.The Disputed Territories of ZumizInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Zaum Zaum.”
169,214.The Republic of German Defence Force XXVIMoralistic Democracy“We Will Endure”
169,215.The Empire of DecravaFather Knows Best State“Might Makes Right”
169,216.The Federal Republic of SectorisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“íViva el Todopoderoso!”
169,217.The Empire of RyineInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Meme3333meme”
169,218.The Holy Empire of PicklestanMoralistic Democracy“For pickles!”
169,219.The Kingdom of AmabananaNew York Times Democracy“Please be nice”
169,220.The Republic of DANIELROXNew York Times Democracy“Haha lol haha”
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