The World World Census

The Most Extreme in the World

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

169,201.The Grand Duchy of Panot McEngraterneytopiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace and Justice”
169,202.The Republic of Probably the CIAInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace and Justice”
169,203.The Republic of Cond GightInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From Many, One”
169,204.The Republic of Jane DoeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
169,205.The Confederacy of KonotoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“צו זיין זעלבסטשטענדיקייט, טאָן ניט זיין אַ שקלאַף פון א”
169,206.The Republic of Furbish Regional Garrison XXXVIIInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
169,207.The Republic of Arkadia 21Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
169,208.The Republic of Arkadia 22Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
169,209.The Republic of Arkadia 23Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Mission Accomplished”
169,210.The Republic of Arkadia 24Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
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