The World World Census

The Most Cheerful Citizens in the World

The World Census shared cheeky grins with citizens around the world in order to determine which were the most relentlessly cheerful.

164,771.The Divine Kingdom of AsveltuumIron Fist Consumerists“Holiness, Protect and Provide!”
164,772.The Republic of BaradurianPsychotic Dictatorship“Skin on skin, let the love begin”
164,773.The Democratic People's Republic of Trans-DniestersCorrupt Dictatorship“For great success of great Marshal Stepanenko!”
164,774.The Kingdom of Greater DaciaMoralistic Democracy“Nihil sine Deo”
164,775.The Kingdom of KobrealurraLeft-wing Utopia“In forging are we hardened.”
164,776.The Cogitocratic Republic of MoorwhyneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A'nag dah Mor'Hurr!”
164,777.The Queen's State of IceboroAnarchy“State”
164,778.The Directorate of Confederated SystemsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Per ardua ad astra”
164,779.The Queendom of DBA 5Anarchy“State”
164,780.The Queen's State of Asgardian StateFree-Market Paradise“State”
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