The World World Census

The Most Cheerful Citizens in the World

The World Census shared cheeky grins with citizens around the world in order to determine which were the most relentlessly cheerful.

164,761.The Empire of AlrobiaPsychotic Dictatorship“The Oath in Five Articles”
164,762.The Ring Station of Katzinky MostFather Knows Best State“Don't you know librarians can't stand noise?”
164,763.The Dictatorship of GorkalandCorporate Police State“Hail Gorka!”
164,764.The Dictatorship of MustafaarPsychotic Dictatorship“I find your lack of faith disturbing”
164,765.The Armed Republic of PoleschlandPsychotic Dictatorship“Polein Dominus”
164,766.The Empire of LuxpanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Industry”
164,767.The Most Serene Republic of SCREEEEEEEEPsychotic Dictatorship“RELEASE THE SCREES!”
164,768.The Armed Republic of Susan BlayIron Fist Consumerists“tino is a tender boy”
164,769.The Kingdom of LucifenialPsychotic Dictatorship“For the glory of Lucifenial!”
164,770.The Grand Empire of Great KoreasPsychotic Dictatorship“The Greatest National Defense is Preemptive attack”
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