The World World Census

The Rudest Citizens in the World

World Census experts telephoned citizens from all nations at just before dinner time, in a study to determine which populations were most brash, rude, or brusque.

31.The Second Best of Noahs Second CountryAnarchy“💧︎♏︎♍︎□︎■︎♎︎ 👌︎♏︎⬧︎⧫︎”
32.The Combined Corporations of Win MintsAnarchy“Noli me tangere”
33.The Icy Blue Rage of BridgettAnarchy“Life hurts a lot more than death”
34.The Constitutional Empire of ZurkerxAnarchy“The Empire Shall Grow”
35.The Smash Hit Movie Version of BrocklandiaAnarchy“Now playing!”
36.The Borderlands of AStateOfNatureAnarchy“FREEDOM!”
37.The Confederacy of HalbhalbhaAnarchy“Yeah, Nah”
38.The Voluntarist Lands of ViolanAnarchy“Walk your own path, unimpeded, and I shall walk mine.”
39.The Cannibalicracy of VespertiliaCivil Rights Lovefest“ULTRA KVLT UBER NEKRO GRIM”
40.The Corporate Imperium of DyzistroluxCapitalizt“Inefficiency is evil.”
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