The World World Census

The Rudest Citizens in the World

World Census experts telephoned citizens from all nations at just before dinner time, in a study to determine which populations were most brash, rude, or brusque.

21.The Free Society of CassariaAnarchy“Itís YOUR life. Live free.”
22.The Confederacy of ElwherCorporate Bordello“Power for the Taking”
23.The United States of Brenner IslandiaCapitalist Paradise“Have You Met Tom”
24.The Star Empire of MechyrdiaCorporate Bordello“Treda no v Aquilu / Naukaudan kjeg sost Leiro”
25.The Impending Doom of Zombie PenguinsCapitalizt“The car won't start!”
26.The Glorious Empire of Burning PantsAnarchy“LOOK! THE PANTS ARE BURNING RED!”
27.The Corrupted Corruption of CorruptionzAnarchy“Corrupt the Corrupted”
28.The Supreme High Imperium of TerdiatlansCorporate Bordello“All hail the Imperator!”
29.The Directorate of ValkalanCapitalist Paradise“वज्रमात अस्ता रिजथम”
30.The Second Best of Noahs Second CountryAnarchy“💧︎♏︎♍︎□︎■︎♎︎ 👌︎♏︎⬧︎⧫︎”
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