The World World Census

The Largest Welfare Programs in the World

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

260,111.The Republic of CampbellKCCapitalist Paradise“Money is the only important thing”
260,112.The Mega City Conurbations of The Scorched LandCompulsory Consumerist State“One billion people living in the Ruin of the Old World.”
260,113.The Cringe of Cringe TownIron Fist Consumerists“Reject modernity, return to Cringe Town”
260,114.The Oppressed Peoples of Morty townAnarchy“They just start kicking”
260,115.The Dictatorship of Rho Ophiuchi TPOT RepresentativeBenevolent Dictatorship“Industrial development is key”
260,116.The Republic of FiwCapitalist Paradise“From Many, One”
260,117.The Anarchy Capitalist of PetrolianCapitalist Paradise“La secesión es el único camino hacía la libertad.”
260,118.The Republic of The LavityCapitalizt“Freedom for all, I guess”
260,119.The Federation of SpavoniaBenevolent Dictatorship“Hold The Line”
260,120.The Grand Imperial Dominion of CitzeriaIron Fist Consumerists“Heil!”
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