The Most Alphabetically Ascendent in Wintreath

Linguistic experts debated late into the night to place nations in alphabetical order.

1.The Magical Empire of -e-Civil Rights Lovefest“To die in war is to be sacrificed for the glory of -e-!”
2.The Loving Couple of -Fan 4rt-Authoritarian Democracy“Lumity”
3.The United States of AbattoirgosAuthoritarian Democracy“Goomlos”
4.The Kingdom of ActtopiaLeft-Leaning College State“Peace is harmony and war is evil”
5.The Republic of AdcckaCivil Rights Lovefest“De fue se dsec, we can do this”
6.The Tora no Seifu of AkahitohaLiberal Democratic Socialists“For the Greater Good”
7.The Scientific Protectorate of AlcubierreNew York Times Democracy“Ad astra per alas porci!”
8.The Most Serene Republic of AlemonyCapitalist Paradise“God bless alemony”
9.The Grand Duchy of AlfadorAuthoritarian Democracy“Puppeteer?”
10.The Constitutional Monarchy of AlpisteAnarchy“Somos o que somos porque, somos!”
1234. . .4041»