The World World Census

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in the World

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

291,411.The Empire of Point PanicciaCorrupt Dictatorship“Riley is overweight”
291,412.The Colony of ChornenIron Fist Consumerists“Peace and Justice”
291,413.The Holy Empire of Serla SeennaDemocratic Socialists“Like tears in the rain”
291,414.The Federation of RupturiFather Knows Best State“Negate the anti-multitudes”
291,415.The Democratic States of InterlandaNew York Times Democracy“Non Nobis Domine”
291,416.The Kingdom of Timlandian FederationPsychotic Dictatorship“we will burn down our enemies”
291,417.The Dominion of KirbooPsychotic Dictatorship“Poyo”
291,418.The Republic of AngelequeAnarchy“By The People For The People”
291,419.The Republic of Rusian Free RepublicCapitalist Paradise“Russia will survive! ”
291,420.The Principality of KelanaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Daulatlah Kedatuan Kelana!”
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