The World World Census

The Largest Agricultural Sector in the World

World Census bean-counters on horseback guided herds of cattle to slaughter in order to determine which nations have the largest agricultural sectors.

31.The Despotic Dictatorship of DespoticaniaCorrupt Dictatorship“God was a dream of good government.”
32.The Empire of TreznorDemocratic Socialists“Recruitment spammer meet ban hammer.”
33.The Melodic Commonwealth of TobosarskPsychotic Dictatorship“Pianos, Violas, and the Golden Horn”
34.The Little Brotherhood of The Real MatrixCorporate Police State“Guns. Lots of guns.”
35.The Kingdom of CothidalPsychotic Dictatorship“A nation without God is a body without a heart”
36.The Popsicle Pete Nation of ClenchIron Fist Consumerists“NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE!”
37.The Barnes-Free Conglomerate of Ewing Oil CoCompulsory Consumerist State“In J.R. We Trust”
38.The Republic of LiononimMoralistic Democracy“2be jackal over dead lion is good,2be live lion better!”
39.The Empire of PullensteinCorrupt Dictatorship“Death before dishonour!”
40.The Universal Monarchy of SwetanniaDemocratic Socialists“Humanity; Purpose, Ambition, Strength”
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