The World World Census

The Largest Agricultural Sector in the World

World Census bean-counters on horseback guided herds of cattle to slaughter in order to determine which nations have the largest agricultural sectors.

284,051.The Colony of Donkong RuinsIron Fist Consumerists“1/30”
284,052.The Enteral Vigor of Makasta but hes an heroFather Knows Best State“You Can't Stop Progress”
284,053.The Republic of Deck 10Psychotic Dictatorship“Things explode”
284,054.The Republic of Deck 24Psychotic Dictatorship“Things explode”
284,055.The Republic of Pack 8Iron Fist Consumerists“Things explode”
284,056.The Well he did of Makasta but he did that thingIron Fist Consumerists“Twirling Toward Freedom”
284,057.The Angel of MakastCorrupt Dictatorship“Strength Through Compliance”
284,058.The Principality of Nos CoirsiimathyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Llama good”
284,059.The Republic of OsmoetsAuthoritarian Democracy“Peace and Justice”
284,060.The Republic of Victory-46Moralistic Democracy“Victory in hell”
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