ABC123 37Fuster Cluck Coalition02671710
ABC123 39Fuster Cluck Coalition0257500
ABC123 40Fuster Cluck Coalition0257500
ABC123 36Fuster Cluck Coalition02521710
ABC123 57Fuster Cluck Coalition0248500
ABC123 20Fuster Cluck Coalition02471740
ABC123 21Fuster Cluck Coalition02471740
ABC123 22Fuster Cluck Coalition02471730
ABC123 12Fuster Cluck Coalition0245500
ABC123 1Fuster Cluck Coalition0239500
ABC123 29Fuster Cluck Coalition02391730
ABC123 7Fuster Cluck Coalition02331750
ABC123 18Fuster Cluck Coalition0233500
Sacrosanctity of assi-jagoFuster Cluck Coalition312321920
ABC123 3Fuster Cluck Coalition02321770
ABC123 4Fuster Cluck Coalition02321770
ABC123 9Fuster Cluck Coalition12321760
ABC123 5Fuster Cluck Coalition0230500
Jirga para lhaoFuster Cluck Coalition022960
ABC123 59Fuster Cluck Coalition02282000
ABC123 47Fuster Cluck Coalition02272000
ABC123 52Fuster Cluck Coalition0227500
ABC123 48Fuster Cluck Coalition02272000
ABC123 53Fuster Cluck Coalition0227500
ABC123 58Fuster Cluck Coalition02272000
ABC123 54Fuster Cluck Coalition02272000
ABC123 50Fuster Cluck Coalition02272000
ABC123 62Fuster Cluck Coalition02262000
ABC123 25Fuster Cluck Coalition0225500
ABC123 34Fuster Cluck Coalition0220500
ABC123 56Fuster Cluck Coalition0219500
ABC123 35Fuster Cluck Coalition0219500
ABC123 51Fuster Cluck Coalition0217500
Alanis StarFuster Cluck Coalition0216500
Sith LordFuster Cluck Coalition02112000
DeciduousFuster Cluck Coalition02112000
ImmaterialFuster Cluck Coalition02112000
ABC123 13Fuster Cluck Coalition0208500
ABC123 69Fuster Cluck Coalition0206500
ABC123 65Fuster Cluck Coalition02042000
ABC123 43Fuster Cluck Coalition0198500
ABC123 2Fuster Cluck Coalition01962000
ABC123 66Fuster Cluck Coalition0195500
ABC123 14Fuster Cluck Coalition01942000
My ChildhoodFuster Cluck Coalition161922000
SylaenahilFuster Cluck Coalition0191500
ABC123 38Fuster Cluck Coalition0191500
ABC123 70Fuster Cluck Coalition01842000
Valentine ZFuster Cluck Coalition0183500
Pitch BlackFuster Cluck Coalition0179500
ABC123 31Fuster Cluck Coalition0178500
Gwen Tracer The Fate of the OmniverseFuster Cluck Coalition0177500
Vidunderlige Nye VerdenFuster Cluck Coalition01762000
ABC123 33Fuster Cluck Coalition0174500
ABC123 15Fuster Cluck Coalition0174500
ABC123 11Fuster Cluck Coalition0174500
ABC123 16Fuster Cluck Coalition0174500
ABC123 32Fuster Cluck Coalition0174500
ABC123 26Fuster Cluck Coalition0173500
ABC123 17Fuster Cluck Coalition0173500
ABC123 27Fuster Cluck Coalition0173500
ABC123 19Fuster Cluck Coalition0173500
MathematikFuster Cluck Coalition01722000
Ill be backFuster Cluck Coalition0172500
Katten en Kittens van de WereldFuster Cluck Coalition01712000
Lena Tracer OxtonFuster Cluck Coalition01702000
Jamie the Transatlantic Audrey HepburnFuster Cluck Coalition01692000
Joyously Joyful JoyFuster Cluck Coalition01682000
ABC123 30Fuster Cluck Coalition0167501
Adriana the Polish RobotFuster Cluck Coalition01672000
ABC123 67Fuster Cluck Coalition0167500
ABC123 63Fuster Cluck Coalition0167500
Holly Starlight de Wonderful Lapia QueenFuster Cluck Coalition01672000
ABC123 64Fuster Cluck Coalition0167500
ABC123 23Fuster Cluck Coalition01671730
ABC123 28Fuster Cluck Coalition0167500
ABC123 44Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500
ABC123 49Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500
ABC123 45Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500
ABC123 55Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500
Hey Everybody Here Is ClarissaFuster Cluck Coalition01662000
ABC123 46Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500
ABC123 42Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500
ABC123 6Fuster Cluck Coalition18163500
ABC123 41Fuster Cluck Coalition0163500
ABC123 61Fuster Cluck Coalition0162500
Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel ReynoldsFuster Cluck Coalition01582000
ABC123 10Fuster Cluck Coalition0158500
ABC123 68Fuster Cluck Coalition0156500
Corsica et sardiniaFuster Cluck Coalition25915630
The WeddingFuster Cluck Coalition0155500
Grand IndochinaFuster Cluck Coalition52152740
Marka RagnosFuster Cluck Coalition0150500
MarriageFuster Cluck Coalition0149500
OkuuFuster Cluck Coalition0146500
Allied IranFuster Cluck Coalition0146260
War Demon ShusuiFuster Cluck Coalition01462000
The RaptureFuster Cluck Coalition01462000
Lord ZamasuFuster Cluck Coalition01442000
Shev palpatineFuster Cluck Coalition0143500

Shield can be used to knock out Incoming Nukes. You can shoot down any in-flight Nukes regardless of who they are aimed at.

Locate in-flight nukes under Launches or Incoming, and use the DESTROY button to eliminate them. This consumes 1 Shield per Nuke.