WizgovenThe Galactic Empire53 StrikesKuraiva
Great robertiaHorsemen of the Apocalypse18 StrikesGarbelia
The blackcat islesHorsemen of the Apocalypse21 StrikesGarbelia
Indian princely kingdomsHorsemen of the Apocalypse18 StrikesSouth Easthern
Holy federacionAnime Nations Against Liberals1 StrikeTereposydi
Volt23Horsemen of the Apocalypse110 StrikesSouth Easthern
Event puppet 21Horsemen of the Apocalypse110 StrikesKalokialroi
Volt54Horsemen of the Apocalypse41 StrikesLlu
Volt90Horsemen of the Apocalypse122 StrikesRixonn
AngbhandHorsemen of the Apocalypse8 StrikesThe fifth concordiat
Screams of agony 140Horsemen of the Apocalypse3 StrikesThe grand desert library
Honor for all 858Horsemen of the Apocalypse75 StrikesGarbelifarm2
La la lainey 65Horsemen of the Apocalypse24 StrikesRock Essexite
Screams of agony 31Horsemen of the Apocalypse25 StrikesKrasnoyarsk-1128
Guy 301Horsemen of the Apocalypse116 StrikesRock Pegmatite
Guy 274Horsemen of the Apocalypse133 StrikesRock Latite
Guy 279Horsemen of the Apocalypse117 StrikesRock Nepheline Syenite
Guy 299Horsemen of the Apocalypse117 StrikesRock Norite
La la lainey 77Horsemen of the Apocalypse19 StrikesRock Ijolite
Guy 257Horsemen of the Apocalypse116 StrikesRock Foidolite
Guy 274Horsemen of the Apocalypse133 StrikesRock Monzogranite
Guy 259Horsemen of the Apocalypse116 StrikesRock Gabbro
Guy 262Horsemen of the Apocalypse116 StrikesRock Granophyre
La la lainey 76Horsemen of the Apocalypse19 StrikesRock Granodiorite
Guy 242Horsemen of the Apocalypse96 StrikesRock Boninite
Guy 300Horsemen of the Apocalypse117 StrikesRock Obsidian
Guy 283Horsemen of the Apocalypse88 StrikesRock Nephelinite
La la lainey 69Horsemen of the Apocalypse22 StrikesRock Granodiorite
Guy 255Horsemen of the Apocalypse132 StrikesRock Diorite
Guy 253Horsemen of the Apocalypse116 StrikesRock Dacite
Guy 273Horsemen of the Apocalypse117 StrikesRock Lamprophyre
La la lainey 72Horsemen of the Apocalypse23 StrikesRock Granodiorite
Guy 265Horsemen of the Apocalypse116 StrikesRock Hornblendite
Guy 271Horsemen of the Apocalypse117 StrikesRock Komatiite
Guy 267Horsemen of the Apocalypse117 StrikesRock Icelandite
La la lainey 45Horsemen of the Apocalypse25 StrikesRock Hyaloclastite
Guy 248Horsemen of the Apocalypse116 StrikesRock Charnockite
Guy 269Horsemen of the Apocalypse117 StrikesRock Ijolite
La la lainey 56Horsemen of the Apocalypse25 StrikesRock Essexite
La la lainey 58Horsemen of the Apocalypse25 StrikesRock Essexite
Guy 242Horsemen of the Apocalypse111 StrikesRock Basanite
La la lainey 63Horsemen of the Apocalypse11 StrikesRock Essexite
Guy 236Horsemen of the Apocalypse109 StrikesRock Adakite
Guy 242Horsemen of the Apocalypse73 StrikesRock Basaltic Trachyandesite
La la lainey 32Horsemen of the Apocalypse24 StrikesRock Dacite
La la lainey 64Horsemen of the Apocalypse12 StrikesRock Essexite
La la lainey 54Horsemen of the Apocalypse25 StrikesRock Hyaloclastite
La la lainey 39Horsemen of the Apocalypse25 StrikesRock Basaltic Trachyandesite
La la lainey 67Horsemen of the Apocalypse25 StrikesRock Granodiorite
Guy 229Horsemen of the Apocalypse109 Strikes-42


Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.