Nations of Allied States Co-Prosperity

  1. The Socialist States of BohacaI
  2. The Province of Santander de AtlanticoM
  3. The Democratic States of FormosE
  4. The Revolutionary Government of -Las Islas FilipinasS
  5. The Protectorate of Trust Territory of the Pacific IslandsM
  6. The Commonwealth of IzardE
  7. The Empire of RusttoS
  8. The Stata Unida of Respublica HylianaM
  9. The Constitutional Monarchy of CanuykaS
  10. The State of PacajesI
  11. The Empire of RajyamE
  12. The Federation of SimonrecaE
  13. The Empire of The Eagle RepublicS
  14. The State of MonagasE
  15. The State of LaraS
  16. The Democratic Republic of New Vitand GundiouparneoS
  17. The State of EscodaI
  18. The Free and Sovereign State of HidalgoE
  19. The State of AcreS
  20. The Free and Sovereign State of SinaloaM
  21. The Republic of Stellar OrderM
  22. The Republic of UnitroE
  23. The Federation of JharkhandI
  24. The City of ManizalesM
  25. The City of TunjaS
  26. The City of ValleduparE
  27. The Principality of BerkeleyE
  28. The Principality of LansingS
  29. The Free Land of ZacatecasE
  30. The Kingdom of KamarupaI
  31. The Kingdom of TuyuhunM
  32. The United Kingdom of Bavaria Wurttemberg and SaxonyS
  33. The Federation of SyburiS
  34. The Federation of PhibunsongkhramE
  35. The Federation of Phra TabongM
  36. The Republic of Norte del PeruE
  37. The Republic of Sud-PeruanaS
  38. The Free Land of ChalcoM
  39. The Commonwealth of EMU EMPIRES
  40. The Principality of Vallee du BandamaM
  41. The Grand Duchy of MelekeokE
  42. The Colony of HatohobeiS
  43. The Free Land of KalickiaS
  44. The Democratic Republic of New Enclave States of AmericaS
  45. The Incorporated States of AtlanticoS
  46. The Commonwealth of MontserratM
  47. The Republic of TajikistanM
  48. The Incorporated States of CaldasS
  49. The Republic of Ivory CoastS
  50. The Democratic States of North Rhine-WestphaliaS