Chris BohjalianNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 148
Kate BolduanNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 193
John BohlingerNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 163
Roy Blount JrNettlesoup52 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 50
Roy Blount JrNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 53
Barbara BodineNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 142
Richard BlumenthalNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 79
Richard BlumenthalNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 57
David BoiesNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 182
Barbara BodineNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 103
David BoiesNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 190
Chris BohjalianNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 149
John BohlingerNettlesoup50 Strikes50 RadiationGuy 162
VaplistanThe Potato Alliance137 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 312
LuekiaThe Potato Alliance137 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 303
The bringers of peaceThe Potato Alliance22 Strikes15 RadiationGuy 312
ZslamacriaThe Potato Alliance85 Strikes85 RadiationGuy 303
KlpanbaniaThe Potato Alliance118 Strikes33 RadiationGuy 300
MustaraniaThe Potato Alliance121 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 312
The Zyte RepublicThe Potato Alliance137 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 303
West Khazana FinsstanThe Potato Alliance120 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 298
HerfenzirThe Potato Alliance106 Strikes66 RadiationGuy 298
The rulers of the nightThe Potato Alliance137 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 312
ValviaThe Potato Alliance137 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 300
The Harpy Eagle EaglesThe Potato Alliance136 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 300
DomekanoThe Potato Alliance121 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 303
The Holy CaltroThe Potato Alliance79 Strikes79 RadiationGuy 298
LavorilvaThe Potato Alliance119 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 298
Aurelian dispatch officeThe Potato Alliance90 Strikes90 RadiationGuy 300
Sokhae-TusanThe Potato Alliance128 Strikes11 RadiationGuy 297
Persian antiquityThe Potato Alliance90 Strikes0 RadiationGuy 296
European Bison Empire-2The Potato Alliance85 Strikes0 RadiationGuy 297
Chaoyue TaiyangThe Potato Alliance137 Strikes0 RadiationGuy 296
The hamburg islandsThe Potato Alliance128 Strikes0 RadiationGuy 297
ManheliThe Potato Alliance125 Strikes16 RadiationGuy 524
KonguNaaduThe Potato Alliance121 Strikes27 RadiationGuy 296
RespackjakenrhaceThe Potato Alliance136 Strikes7 RadiationGuy 296
Imperial Oligarchy of YamatoThe Potato Alliance60 Strikes22 RadiationGuy 298
MeshikiaThe Potato Alliance125 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 524
HaganhamThe Potato Alliance120 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 190
New japanese republicThe Potato Alliance104 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 193
Santa MaranaThe Potato Alliance119 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 193
MerolaThe Potato Alliance119 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 190
ElzanThe Potato Alliance117 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 182
TecknakiaThe Potato Alliance120 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 182
Green WolindsThe Potato Alliance95 Strikes95 RadiationGuy 162
AndronyaThe Potato Alliance94 Strikes94 RadiationGuy 162
Friskapuppet07The Potato Alliance114 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 103
FerrisianThe Potato Alliance120 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 163
Friskapuppet06The Potato Alliance116 Strikes100 RadiationGuy 103


Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.