Sterling1The Minotaurs01201494
Oogsura4The Minotaurs01115075
EusihintieweoraplThe Minotaurs090500
Join The LabyrinthThe Minotaurs0895083
LanidadThe Minotaurs088500
WwinmyhouseThe Minotaurs0885081
Crappy nation nglThe Minotaurs0795043
Panama HeadThe Minotaurs0795075
EstarineThe Minotaurs0745083
TeenemThe Minotaurs064236
NNNJNThe Minotaurs0615098
CORNSTARCHLANDThe Minotaurs06030
DinglelandThe Minotaurs0585052
SniiweeThe Minotaurs05520
TalgarthisThe Minotaurs05220
1994 Chevy ImpalaThe Minotaurs0375050
JorjolandiaThe Minotaurs192413697
Hydraic empireThe Minotaurs51245038
EmojiMovieThe Minotaurs02220
EbehentakisThe Minotaurs0155034
Land of smithThe Minotaurs214500
CapitalistThe Minotaurs011630
Imperial sith lordsThe Minotaurs0720
Nova AntaresThe Minotaurs062000
JustiamThe Minotaurs152198
New IronlandiaThe Minotaurs156865
DeutscheuropaThe Minotaurs1453279
Stark bonkersThe Minotaurs0520021
Terra da bostaThe Minotaurs415087
Aliens1The Minotaurs000100
Kyrsten SinemaThe Minotaurs0080
Tendie LandThe Minotaurs000100
11 Stroke RollThe Minotaurs000100
GlancyistThe Minotaurs00500
EvangelicalThe Minotaurs00090
IealiasThe Minotaurs00820
Iconic ZThe Minotaurs000100
MoonbreakerThe Minotaurs000100
EdenesqueThe Minotaurs110500
Bad Trap MusicThe Minotaurs00500
PapaPozonis Pizza EmpireThe Minotaurs000100
PovelThe Minotaurs9401813
ExpraThe Minotaurs000100
RadorThe Minotaurs005082
McCaffistanThe Minotaurs000100
Strad melosThe Minotaurs000100
Redesigned2019The Minotaurs00920
Labyrinthine LandsThe Minotaurs000100
The Nationalist StateThe Minotaurs00290
AsurapurThe Minotaurs000100
MenteraThe Minotaurs000100
EzwThe Minotaurs000100
Timurs EmpireThe Minotaurs00500
Oogsura7The Minotaurs000100
Whom not whoThe Minotaurs000100
F8INThe Minotaurs00500
Tajaar arabiaThe Minotaurs005010
Baltica statesThe Minotaurs000100
Transitional StateThe Minotaurs00500
The State of EntrusThe Minotaurs10822
LottanationsThe Minotaurs000100
KedeavThe Minotaurs000100
Rose Gold HeartThe Minotaurs000100
Imperial GatorlandThe Minotaurs000100
ShantizaThe Minotaurs000100
Fortnite battle royaleThe Minotaurs000100
Oogsura3The Minotaurs00500
Frozen GunsThe Minotaurs000100
MerniThe Minotaurs000100
HeyaPalThe Minotaurs00500
DrmartyThe Minotaurs000100
Joe DonnellyThe Minotaurs000100
AriankidoThe Minotaurs13705020
19 Stroke RollThe Minotaurs000100
Nuk3sarefunThe Minotaurs0090
Worvan YarThe Minotaurs15090
BolshevikThe Minotaurs00500
VictoriousThe Minotaurs00170
Oogsura1The Minotaurs00096
Melanie FinnThe Minotaurs000100
EkketedThe Minotaurs390840
Wue2The Minotaurs000100
Zero Two is Best GirlThe Minotaurs000100
VavaksThe Minotaurs000100
Chyornye BratyaThe Minotaurs000100
Vavax Central StationThe Minotaurs00163
BlueztopiaThe Minotaurs000100
Blood MarinesThe Minotaurs000100
AbunchalettetuffidkheccThe Minotaurs000100
SfeedThe Minotaurs0070
Portugal Is GreatThe Minotaurs000100
Making nations is boringThe Minotaurs000100
Hammer BritanniaThe Minotaurs000100
TroozoThe Minotaurs000100
Emp card storage 2The Minotaurs000100
1994 Chevrolet ImpalaThe Minotaurs00500
JoshpopuaThe Minotaurs000100
Old FrussorThe Minotaurs000100
Oogsura8The Minotaurs000100
XactlyThe Minotaurs000100

Shield can be used to knock out Incoming Nukes. You can shoot down any in-flight Nukes regardless of who they are aimed at.

Locate in-flight nukes under Launches or Incoming, and use the DESTROY button to eliminate them. This consumes 1 Shield per Nuke.