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Arms Control Treaty in:


1.Horsemen of the ApocalypseFlag8,4105,323 NationsUnderworld
2.A.T.O.M.I.CFlag1,6912,591 NationsATOMIC
3.BlepiaFlag1,621144 NationsBlepia
4.Fuster Cluck CoalitionFlag1,163503 NationsNorthern Ocean
5.Ba Sing SeFlag1,1082,167 NationsThe City of Ba Sing Se
6.The V.E.N.G.A.B.U.S.Flag1,04899 NationsThe United Empires of Carson
7.Nuclear World OrderFlag43853 NationsFirst World Order
8.RAILGUNFlag433140 NationsThe Flyin Miniverse
9.Big Chungus United StatesFlag40818 NationsThe Coalition
10.Hocherlan's TigersFlag3117 NationsMontealba
11.The Blood BrigadeFlag23115 NationsAndromalius
12.Commonwealth Armed ForcesFlag23093 NationsPeoples Republic of the Commonwealth
13.BADCOM1933 NationsBAD Command
14.Cormorant Atomics 2Flag1185 NationsThe Cormorant Pact
15.All Nations Against LiberalsFlag1051 NationAll Nations Against Liberals
16.Neon DreamsFlag10018 NationsTeremara
17.The Nuclear AOEFlag656 NationsThe Alliance of Eros
18.Iwaku SqueakersFlag6151 NationsThe Glorious Nations of Iwaku
19.Markish Galactic Empire and alliesFlag5913 NationsMarkish Galactic Empire
20.Augustin AllianceFlag421,979 NationsAugustin Alliance
21.The Army of FreedomFlag4099 NationsArmy of Freedom
22.Threat Level MidnightFlag346 NationsNoon Puppet Dump
23.Atomic RainboomsFlag306 NationsPony Lands
24.Eastern Siberian Treaty OrganizationFlag294 NationsUnion of Fatimanic Nations
25.PLEASE NUKEFlag234 NationsNo OoOOos Region
26.Lets bomb132 NationsLand of the Free
27.Uranium City131 NationWorldas
28.Potato Alliance1232 NationsNet Loss of 1
29.Glenda’s SlaggersFlag95 NationsThe Slagg Heap
30.OU Nuclear DefenseFlag81 NationThe Okchi Union
31.Gamer Nuke AllianceFlag70 NationsAuspicious Sinatra Squad
32.CRABFlag01,046 NationsCRAB
33.Bikini BottomFlag056 NationsSouth Pacific
34.Unlikely AllianceFlag027 NationsRKS System
35.BAD Peacekeepers020 NationsBAD Auxiliary
36.Christian PacifistsFlag011 NationsUnion of Christian Nations
37.Second Holy Roman Empire Flag010 NationsThe Second Holy Roman Empire
38.The PS Legion010 NationsPS Card Farm
39.The Free League09 NationsGreater Abysmia
40.The Potato Alliance08 NationsNet Loss of 2
41.ICMAFlag07 NationsDa Couch Gang
42.Literally the Entire State of UtahFlag06 NationsThe Socialist Syndicalist Union
43.The Alliance For Order05 NationsGreater Abysmia
44.Reflections Of Self04 NationsChaos Hills
45.New HabsburgerFlag04 NationsThe New Habsburg
46.Cycoldian ImperiumFlag03 NationsIBXToyChat
47.Safe HavenFlag02 NationsThe Global Democratic Union
48.AoD Nuclear Arms CoalitionFlag02 NationsThe Alliance of Dictators
49.Base UnionFlag02 NationsBase Union
50.Gangnam Emergency ResponseFlag01 NationTHE SUPERIOR GANGNAM GANG

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.