Nations of Sit Aeterna Aeternum

  1. The Germanic Union of United Democratic Christian StatesE
  2. The Free and Equal Republic of TogeriaE
  3. The Glorious Kingdom of Communist VolkstradM
  4. AvestanE
  5. The Collaborationist Regime of Hei-ZhanE
  6. The Grand Duchy of DevasE
  7. The state of miraiS
  8. Imperial volkstradS
  9. The Interstellar Empire of East PrimordiaE
  10. The War Profiteers of Mikhaelos IndustriesS
  11. Arm of vengeanceE
  12. The 99th traitor legionE
  13. The claymore islandM
  14. The staatssicherheitS
  15. The Rebel Armies of The United Insurrectionist FrontE
  16. The Damned Legions of The Cult of the Wild HuntM
  17. VallgradM
  18. The Barbaric Pirates of West PrimordiaE
  19. Imperium mortuorumE
  20. United volkstradM
  21. Free volkstradE
  22. Socialist volkstradS
  23. The alpine confederationM
  24. Star wolves traitor legionS
  25. The volkstradi tribesE
  26. The Grand Tsardom of ParciaE
  27. AndelgradS
  28. StromviemM
  29. RodnovgorodE
  30. The Democratic Republic of West KvasnoE
  31. The Dominion of Angra-MainyuE
  32. The Cyborg Cult of BadassistanianE
  33. The Chinese Republic of The Bio-Regional Cooperative of StatesM
  34. AeternnaS
  35. United democratic baptist statesE
  36. Archipielago blancoS
  37. The Queer Socialist States of Adraen CoalitionM
  38. The Shen Arbiter Regime of AcerbezE
  39. The galactic intermariumS
  40. The Trashtalking Tankie of Communist LimberwiskE
  41. The People's Republic of Stalinism-Titoism ThoughtM
  42. YenmeraE
  43. HavateM
  44. Courier messengerM
  45. The cybrexS
  46. The central american sdrE
  47. The spice islandE
  48. The Holy Empire of Zenithal UnionS
  49. The Most Serene Republic of The Nation of Dan and AndrewS
  50. The Confederacy of FelcatM
  51. The Greater Union of VoikM
  52. The Grand Duchy of Modern PiratesS
  53. The Empire of AetherS
  54. The Colony of SoulstienM
  55. ZukaliaE
  56. EnteaE
  57. The United States of MartolkaM
  58. The Sultanate of IglesiaslandM
  59. The Fascist Empire of Sapientia Et BellumE