EkruteakRadioactive Desert5 Strikes5 RadiationHotel adriano
Taduwe 5Radioactive Desert29 Strikes24 RadiationHotel adriano
Taduwe 5Radioactive Desert23 Strikes23 RadiationMr Dale Gribble
Taduwe 3Radioactive Desert23 Strikes17 RadiationJedov
Taduwe 3Radioactive Desert18 Strikes18 RadiationAudencourt
Taduwe 3Radioactive Desert24 Strikes24 RadiationAugy
Taduwe 3Radioactive Desert18 Strikes18 RadiationNemos Nautilus
The edgy flareonRadioactive Desert2 Strikes2 RadiationNemos Nautilus
The edgy flareonRadioactive Desert7 Strikes7 RadiationNemos Nautilus
The edgy flareonRadioactive Desert22 Strikes22 RadiationMothra Queen of the Monsters
The edgy flareonRadioactive Desert1 Strike1 RadiationNemos Nautilus
The edgy flareonRadioactive Desert40 Strikes40 RadiationPorco Rosso and his Pretty Red Seaplane
The edgy flareonRadioactive Desert28 Strikes28 RadiationThis Unaligned Ant
Taduwe 2Radioactive Desert13 Strikes6 RadiationPorco Rosso and his Pretty Red Seaplane
Taduwe 2Radioactive Desert17 Strikes17 RadiationHaganham
Taduwe 5Radioactive Desert29 Strikes29 RadiationSt Flanders
Taduwe 5Radioactive Desert24 Strikes24 RadiationCapitol Fox
Taduwe 3Radioactive Desert23 Strikes23 RadiationMunstein
Taduwe 2Radioactive Desert25 Strikes25 RadiationAclion
Taduwe 1Radioactive Desert17 Strikes4 RadiationMingulay Isle
Taduwe 1Radioactive Desert16 Strikes16 RadiationThe Lake-
Taduwe 1Radioactive Desert16 Strikes16 RadiationHagenhamm
Taduwe 1Radioactive Desert16 Strikes16 RadiationTombolo
Taduwe 6Radioactive Desert46 Strikes46 RadiationLeod Nathabainia
Visorax IVRadioactive Desert18 Strikes18 RadiationMlociniakik
Worlds SilenceRadioactive Desert21 Strikes21 RadiationTombolo
Visorax IIIRadioactive Desert9 Strikes9 RadiationHagenhamm
TsearanRadioactive Desert34 Strikes34 RadiationHagenhamm
Visorax IIIRadioactive Desert7 Strikes7 RadiationMingulay Isle
Visorax IIIRadioactive Desert19 Strikes19 RadiationHaganham
Visorax IIIRadioactive Desert11 Strikes11 RadiationHagenhamm
Visorax IIIRadioactive Desert30 Strikes30 RadiationAclion
Visorax IIIRadioactive Desert14 Strikes14 RadiationMothra Queen of the Monsters
Visorax IIRadioactive Desert12 Strikes12 RadiationThis Unaligned Ant
Visorax IIRadioactive Desert3 Strikes3 RadiationThis Unaligned Ant
Visorax IIRadioactive Desert25 Strikes25 RadiationNemos Nautilus
Visorax IIIRadioactive Desert10 Strikes10 RadiationThis Unaligned Ant
Visorax IIRadioactive Desert12 Strikes12 RadiationJedov
Gres GadomsorRadioactive Desert1 Strike1 RadiationAudencourt
Visorax IIRadioactive Desert20 Strikes20 RadiationJedov
Visorax IIRadioactive Desert12 Strikes12 RadiationAugy
Visorax IIRadioactive Desert4 Strikes4 RadiationAudencourt
Gres GadomsorRadioactive Desert12 Strikes12 RadiationMr Dale Gribble
Gres GadomsorRadioactive Desert9 Strikes9 RadiationAudencourt
Gres GadomsorRadioactive Desert16 Strikes16 RadiationHotel adriano
Visorax IIRadioactive Desert12 Strikes12 RadiationMunstein
Taduwe 6Radioactive Desert38 Strikes38 RadiationThe Lake-
Gres GadomsorRadioactive Desert11 Strikes11 RadiationCapitol Fox
Gres GadomsorRadioactive Desert31 Strikes31 RadiationSt Flanders
Gres GadomsorRadioactive Desert16 Strikes16 RadiationSt Flanders


Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.