Nations of Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  1. The Tater Nuker-isaune of NakarisauneE
  2. The Holy Necromantic Empire of The Emerald LegionS
  3. The Holy guacamole of FlobosM
  4. The United States of Wars ForeverS
  5. The John Lennon Utopia of Strawberrry FieldsE
  6. The Grand Empire of TyrrinM
  7. The Isolated Oceans and Islands of OceopacificusM
  8. The Aquatic Weasels of The Otter ArchipelagoS
  9. The Pleased to Meet You of DevilE
  10. The Dominion of Havoc HighlandsE
  11. The Side Effects May Include of SinLandia666E
  12. The Fool on the Hill of Neo NibuS
  13. The Holy Empire of RommandaE
  14. The Dominion of Rangers BrotherhoodM
  15. The Infection of EdgemasterM
  16. The Zombiefied Animal Farm of Besot Bucolic of BrawnE
  17. The Holy and Venerable Horde of OstroeuropaS
  18. The Superpower of The Phoenix MilitaS
  19. The Kafka-esque Nightmare of The Imperium of Mars PeopleS
  20. The Galactic Empire of Darth Vader-M
  21. The Empire of United Nationalist RepublicE
  22. The Anarchy of YorI
  23. The Zombie Corporation of Mr ZombieE
  24. The Robot Hell Kingdom of Thee Robot DevilM
  25. The Zombie Corporation of Zombie CapitalistM
  26. The Hungry Like The Wolf of Freddy BoyS
  27. The Wisdom of Buddhist MonkS
  28. The Strawberry Fields of Wandering HippyM
  29. The Coughing Smoke Cloud of The Hippy DudeS
  30. The Reformed Demonic Assembly of ZaktoutrM
  31. The Wonder of The DreamerI
  32. The Wanted Antifa Kingpin of Mr WalrusS
  33. The Glooming Glow of The Blue PrinceE
  34. The Happiness of Warm GunM
  35. The Fish Bowl of Red KlausS
  36. The Nova Queensland of Mrs RoundS
  37. The Elder Ent Society of KjabM
  38. The King Under the Mountain of Neo DragonE
  39. The Mr Tambourine Man of Sir Bob DylanM
  40. The Galactic Empire of Death Star RebornM
  41. The Temple of Robotology of Reverend Lionel PreacherbotE
  42. The Former Republic of CherdoskieM
  43. The Off with their head of You First ManM
  44. The Obliging Nature of Yes Man-M
  45. The Fool on the Hill of Emperor NeoS
  46. The Oddity of YdewnM
  47. The Space Colony of New ConfederatopiaM
  48. The Vaults filled with BRAINS of Zombie BankS
  49. The Freeside Bar and Casino of Atomic WranglerM
  50. The Fool on the Hill of Nova NibuM