Nations of African Fallout Bunker

  1. The United Tribes of NonadorM
  2. The Briefly Green Pacifist Tao of RondeboschS
  3. The Holy Green Undead Zombie of Zodiac ThymeM
  4. The Realm of The Land of Heat and Clock WorkM
  5. The African Republic of MombombuS
  6. The Republic of New AnchoriaS
  7. The Holy Leadership of Realm of AbbadonS
  8. The Republic of Independent ZimbabweE
  9. The Akhand Rashtra of New IndusseE
  10. The United States of FemmericaI
  11. The Republic of Lower NubiaE
  12. The Divine Armed Kingdom of VlakistoniaS
  13. The Republic of HujamboE
  14. The Federal Republic of AuranoM
  15. The Sultanate of RitakiE
  16. The Office of Afro FounderM
  17. The United Socialist States of WakanadaM
  18. The United States of New American-Canadian AmazonS
  19. The United Kingdom of Efrique and BerberE
  20. The Principality of De LeurM
  21. The Republic of Independent South AfricaE
  22. The Republic of African QuebecS
  23. The Empire of Dictatorship to the maxS
  24. The Arab Socialist Jamahiriya of Cobra SaharaI
  25. The Federal Republic of ZunbaM
  26. The People's Republic of GavierlandS
  27. The Republic of AmeareiaM
  28. The Principality of Roma ValentiaE
  29. The Department of Unusual OccurrencesE
  30. The Free Land of NamaprikaE
  31. The Federal Republic of Doudler GortE
  32. The Kingdom of KirinyagaaS
  33. The Democratic Republic of New MandelaI
  34. The Protectorate of ShakazE
  35. The Commonwealth of The Ganymede IslandsS
  36. The United States of LinkiniteS
  37. The Empire of Russian AbyssiniaI
  38. The Principality of Sahrahwi Arab Democratic RepublicS
  39. The People's Republic of The TchadM
  40. The People's Republic of NouakchottzyaM
  41. The Sultanate of KankundoM
  42. The Most Serene Republic of HugothiaE
  43. The Rogue Nation of MattheoE
  44. The Empire of Outremer LatinS
  45. The Republic of Katanga-M
  46. The Republic of Bechuanaland and NgamilandS
  47. The Empire of Granada NovaE
  48. The Colony of British Niger ProtectorateM
  49. The Colony of Nu-LiberiaM
  50. The Republic of Federal Republic GermaniaI